Locally Owned

Buckley's Sweeping & Dust Control was established in 2019.  

We're proud to be locally owned and operated. It allows us to hire familiar faces that you can trust with your road sweeping. We value our customers and their satisfaction with the quality of our work, this is our key to success. Becoming friends with our customers is always our goal.

Heidi Buckley

Heidi Buckley is the founder of Buckley's Sweeping & Dust Control. She started Buckley's in 2019 with a single road sweeper and a couple of local roads. Today Heidi and her team have multiple sweepers and can be found sweeping and dusting entire streets, highways, and parking lots.

Previously Heidi had worked in the construction industry for 15 years driving various models of street sweepers in heavy highway construction zones. In 2019, Heidi had the opportunity to buy a truck and it was a simple decision as Heidi always dreamed of starting her own street sweeper business.

Heidi Buckley is proud to announce that Buckley's Sweeping & Dust Control is a verified Minority & Women's Business Enterprise.

Let's get started.